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This policy governs returns & refunds for for Retailers & Providers. Merchants, sellers & business partners engaged in the process of selling directly to consumers are to be referred to in this Policy as 'Retailers'. & Price Eraser inc. are interchangeable with the words 'Sales Reps'. Manufacturers, wholesalers & distributors or any company that provides products or services to Retailers, will be referred to as 'Providers'.
Goods purchased by Sellers may be returned for a full money back guarantee to Providers within 30 days of purchase. Any refund will be in the form of Check regardless of the method used for the original purchase. Refunds will not be made to a credit card. A check will be sent to the company address on file. Sellers may return merchandise for any reason to the original shipping address provided for any reason what so ever without question. Provider shall be obligated to accept returned products only if the product(s) are returned in the original factory carton and include(s) all original packaging materials and miscellaneous materials. Soiled goods will not be accepted for refund. Retailer must complete & submit a Return Authorization form to Price Eraser inc. within 48 hours of its' receipt of the returned product.
Retailers will be responsible for paying shipping charges to return goods for refund unless associated with a specific promotion offering free shipping or by special arrengement or otherwise stated herein.
A Return Authorization Number must be obtained before an item can be accepted for return processing. Retailers may obtain a 'R.A.N.' by contacting us directly by email or phone. Once we have the R.A.N. as issued by the manufacturer we will provide this to you. The following rules must be followed to assure prompt and accurate processing of the return.
Monies will be refunded immediately in full upon confirmation that the product provider has received the merchandise and processed the return.
The following rules MUST be followed:
  • Return Authorization Number must be clearly marked on the outside of the package.
  • Please enclose a copy of the invoice, packing slip, or purchase order with the return.
  • No goods will be accepted for return after 30 days from the invoice date.
  • Merchandise must be returned within 10 days of receiving return authorization number.
  • No embellished items will be accepted back for credit.
  • All garments being returned for repair must be clean with the required repair identifiable.
  • No credit will be issued for final sale, discontinued items, or discounted samples.
  • Packaged items must be returned in original packaging for proper credit.
  • A 15% restocking charge will apply to all items authorized for return (excluding samples and defective items).
Retailers shall not be obligated to accept or pay for and may refuse any order where:
1. Product that is damaged or defective at the time when it is received regardless of inadequate packaging or carrier fault.
2. Product that is lost during shipment.
3. Inaccurate quantities of product(s) shipped if back order can not be facilitated by the product Provider.
4. Product purchased based on misleading or inaccurate information that was provided by the product Provider.
The Supplier will be responsible for all costs related to the return of products as described above including shipping and handling charges incurred to return the product. No restocking fees shall be allowed. In consultation with and the Retailer one of the following will apply:
A) Send a replacement product (including the same product/model originally ordered) and pay for all shipping, handling and drop-ship charges for such replacement product.
B) Refund 100% of the amount paid for such product including all shipping, handling charges and drop-ship charges.
If a Retailers's order falls into one of the 4 'Refused Products' categories the Retailer must contact Customer Service at immediately to allow to begin follow up activities.
Retailers shall be entitled to return to supplier for repair or replacement, and the respective supplier will accept for repair or replacement, any product covered under a manufacturer's warranty for warranty service during the warranty period after purchase of such product.
After such period, all warranty issues for products purchased from the Provider are the responsibility of the applicable manufacturer. Retailers will be required to address such issues directly to the product manufacturer in those circumstance.
Shipping if required for these activities will be paid for by the Retailer unless it has been expressly outlined by the manufacturer that they will cover the costs or if shipping costs or are part of a special promotion in which case the party offering the special promotion will cover the respective shipping costs.

Access to our ordering platform is completely free of charge to Retailers & Providers. It can not be implied that there will be any moneys owing to either party upon the cancelling of access to our platform. It should be expected that once an account is closed that access upon ending of the session will cease. All account detals and data will immediately be removed from the system. It is the sole responsibility of the party using our system to ensure that these materials are properly archived IF necessary. Further it is understood that Price Eraser inc. is in no way liable for loss of any information that has been stored on our system after an account is closed!
Last updated: 09-08-2018